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Returns & Warranties

The warranties are different for each manufacturer. Please see our manufacturer's warranty page to determine you product's warranty coverage.

Stools, Chairs, & Other Products

To determine which stool is right for you, measure the height of your counter or table from the floor to the underside of your counter. Make sure to leave between 9″-13″ between the seat and the counter to allow seating.

Kitchen and vanity chairs and stools typically have a seat height of 17" to 18". Bar height stools have a seat height of 28" to 30". Counter height stools have a seat height of 24" to 26". And Spectator height stools have a seat height of 33" to 34".

For more information on choosing stool heights, see here

With a soft soap, such as dish soap and damp cloth. It is not recommended to use cleaning products, waxes or grease removers, as these will harm the finish of your furniture.